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BLF Foundation

" The mission of the BLF Foundation is to retain, develop, and graduate college students increasing the number of future leaders in careers and communities. "

Description de l’organisme de bienfaisance

Meet Courtney, a young vibrant girl who is a first generation college student. Aspiring to be the first in her family to complete college, Courtney is excited not only to make her family and community proud, but also give back to her community through successful employment into her industry of study. She desires to share the lessons learned through college with other students like herself and help improve generational wealth. Courtney demonstrates great potential as she finds success and is active in leadership roles but midway during her studies, sickness takes over Courtney and hinders her mobility. Unsure of how to make adjustments, she encounters struggles that affect her ability to continue with her education and considers dropping out. Thanks to the support she receives from the BLF Foundation’s mentorship program, she learns problem solving skills which helps her navigate her studies based upon her new range of mobility. She also receives a scholarship from the BLF Foundation which helps to ensure she can remain enrolled and reach graduation! Due to this guidance, she is able to stay on track and finish her degree. Thanks to the BLF Foundation, this is one student who will not become another statistic; 56% of college students who do not graduate during a six-year tenure of college.

BLF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to retain, develop, and graduate minority college students. Through our Annual Richard Fontenot and Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarships, we are able to assist with the expensive costs of attending college. Through our Developing Future Leaders Year Long Mentorship Program, we are able to develop and mentor college students by providing cognitive and soft skill development so that we increase the number of college graduates. Students in the mentorship program receive a broadened network through the many community and corporate partners we work with and the mentors they are assigned during the program year. Through our signature professional development program, during the monthly mentorship sessions, students enhance their leadership capacity and cognitive skills. As the students find growth in the mentorship program, they are able to translate the skills they gain into strategies for excelling in college, transitioning into careers, and becoming leaders in corporations and contribute to improvements in communities.

Détails sur l’organisme de bienfaisance

BLF Foundation
P.o. Box 7926
Round Rock, Texas 78683
United States

TÉLÉPHONE 5128878600

Site Web https://blffoundation.org
Facebook http://facebook.com/blffoundation
Twitter @blffoundation
Flux RSS https://blffoundation.org/rss
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