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Mission Statement

Since 2017, STEM Generation, has been on a mission to close the gap in STEM learning opportunities and achievement by developing and delivering high-quality STEM programs to front range and rural school districts in underserved and underrepresented communities with 50% or more free/reduced lunch. STEM Generation’s fully donated programs, allow educators in low-income communities to provide engaging and innovative STEM activities to their students at no cost to them or the district. The organization emphasizes that regardless of color, race, gender or socio-economic status, all students should be afforded the opportunity to grow and develop important STEM skills and access the tools needed to succeed in STEM, as well as challenge the norms of what STEM professionals look like. We believe it is especially important that minorities in low-income areas have the opportunity to interact with and learn from, diverse, STEM role models as well as engage in meaningful STEM activities to foster self-confidence and further close the gap in STEM learning opportunities.

About This Cause

As districts and educators continue to regain learning benchmarks lost during Covid, STEM education has taken a back seat to core programming. However, this has created a greater learning gap in STEM, especially for those in underserved and underrepresented communities, and students without the proper resources fall further behind. Statistics show that only 16% of STEM professionals are minorities of color. STEM Generation strives to close the gap through the donation of all programming, allowing educators to continue closing the STEM learning gap at no cost to them. Through our Diverse STEM Stories: Choosing a STEM path program, students build positive STEM identities through inquisitive, interactive discussions with diverse STEM role models. This program affords students the opportunity to embrace the path to successful STEM careers, by engaging with both diverse university students in STEM programs through near-peer experiences, as well as diversely represented STEM professionals, further demonstrating a successful STEM pipeline. Our STEM Curriculum Packages, provide students in grades K-6 with hands-on opportunities in which they can immerse themselves in scientific, project-based learning experiences that ignite creativity, self-expression, and increased interest in pursuing a STEM career. Our programming also addresses the need for educator and administrative support by providing educators with all materials needed to run a successful program, including program kits, lessons, rubrics, ongoing support, and professional development, in which educators can earn continuing education units necessary to maintain licensure in the state of Colorado. Our programs are run through in school, after school, and summer camp initiatives and have provided over 12,000 students with equitable and innovative STEM learning opportunities.

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