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Mission Statement

The Writer's Workout strives to provide a motivating atmosphere that fosters self-growth and development through encouraging language and education. We want to help you be a better writer.

About This Cause

The Writer's Workout (WW) provides so many opportunities to help writers develop their skills. From monthly courses to video workshops to six publications a year, WW challenges writers to venture outside their comfort zones. Across social media, find our helpful Tuesday Tips and Wednesday Micro prompts, discussions, and inspirational quotes to stay focused on creating. If you're logged in (it's free), check our Resources tab for an extensive list of writing prompts and personal challenges. WW is the home of The Writer's Games, an award-winning writing competition with six new challenges (Events) over six weeks. The Writer's Games focuses on Core Concepts: the key elements of writing. These concepts include things like description, character development, backstory, etc, to help guide writers to strengthening their writing foundation. Writer's Games entries are judged blind by college student interns: the future of the writing industry. For The Writer's Games, each entry receives honest, unbiased feedback from multiple judges with varying backgrounds, experiences, and literary tastes. This feedback helps writers understand how successful their original draft might be, what they did well, and how they can improve. Every portion of The Writer's Games requires upwards of 5500 hours of volunteer labor to provide this free competition to writers worldwide. The Writer's Workout helps community members develop a stronger understanding of words. With weekly writing tips and blog posts, a monthly focus topic, hundreds of prompts, and ample space for critique, our organization helps writers develop their author voice and improve their writing quickly. For writers seeking an even deeper challenge, WW provides a subscription service. For only $7 a month, writers can submit up to 7,500 words of anything they're working on and receive blind feedback. Subscribers can also submit their monthly Back to Basics challenge for feedback and have preferred registration during Writer's Games. In 2020, WW launched WayWords, a quarterly literary journal. Our journal promotes publication as an achievable option for writers around the world. This journal publishes 10-20 stories, poems, and essays every quarter. In 2021, we published works by more than 50 writers. Running WW requires a team of volunteers who donate thousands of hours and dollars annually. We appreciate your support!

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