Portland, Oregon, 97214 United States

Mission Statement

Pueblo Unido creates hope for and amplifies the voices of communities with vulnerable immigration status by connecting them to legal, social, and Indigenous language interpretation services. We envision a world in which all people live in freedom, and where they and their communities can be safe, feel supported and thrive.

About This Cause

Pueblo Unido PDX is a non-profit organization that provides legal service navigation, client advocacy, and financial assistance to immigrants facing detention and deportation in the Pacific Northwest. We help people obtain legal aid and gather supporting evidence to present the strongest possible case against deportation. In our first four years of operation, we supported more than 1000 people at risk of deportation, including by arranging over 380 free legal consultations, paying attorney's fees for 100 individuals, connecting more than 300 asylum seekers to free legal aid, and providing communication credits to over 400 people in detention. 42 people supported by Pueblo Unido were released from detention and reunited with their families. 10 people have already won their cases against deportation and obtained lawful status.

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Portland, Oregon 97214
United States
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