The Supercomputer for Cancer Research

Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5R5 Canada

Mission Statement

The Supercomputer for Cancer Research's mission is to provide much-needed access to high-performance computing, leading-edge data analytics, and data warehousing resources that allow cancer researchers to develop new drugs and techniques to treat, and potentially cure various cancers.

About This Cause

Modern cancer research methodologies are based in large part on advancing our understanding of the various ways drugs might be designed to address a particular cancer. Researchers using software tools translate theory into mathematical models that work to identify new ways of suppressing the genes that cause cancerous tumors to form, or analyze the clinical data outcomes from human or animal drug therapies. As pervasive as computers are in our everyday life the compute resources that researchers need to drive their work are scarce, expensive and without information technology skills and expertise, difficult to harness.

We can provide free or discounted (made possible by donations from you) computational resources, programming, workflow scripting, program optimization, improving parallelism...there are so many areas we can help researchers to diminish, bypass, or even eliminate roadblocks, to help them save time & money, and moving our understanding, of what is perhaps the most significant challenges facing humanity, ever forward, and improving quality and length of life, of tens of millions that will be diagnosed every year.

Defeating cancer will be a long and arduous battle. We’re off to a great start, having made significant contributions to over a dozen projects that span the globe in just two years. We’re asking for your donations, in helping us grow, and make ever more computing and assistance available to researchers in the future. Donate Today!

The Supercomputer for Cancer Research
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Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5R5
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